Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm a Rambler, not a Gambler...

Well this is all a bit spur of the moment! However this rambling around the country and discovering zany sights seems too good a material to not be written up, so there you have it. My blog, Gypsy Fabulous. A little background: A lifelong obsession with hippiedom and all its fabulous threads and sounds led me to believe that a year travelling in a truck, masquerading as Forrest Gump's lovely Jenny would be a good idea. A few months scouring auction site Trade Me, and making some (very) basic plans, and our truck Trotty was adopted. My house-mate C.P and I travelled around aimlessly for a few months, before a chance encounter with a rainbow-hatted gypsy in the Marlborough Sounds led us to join the Original Gypsy Fair. Now I plan to share the colourful sights with you, my dear readers. (Well, I figure my parents will definitely read this so that's a good start.)


Kitty said...

So will CP's mother - so that's three of us!!
What a journey - I'm looking forward to more 'gypsyfabulous' photos and news so keep them coming Fi - love Kits

Scott said...

Fi, I blame Anna Dare and the mufti day in 4th form, but I LOVE you as a gypsy. You are the most beautiful gypsy in the world by far.

All my love from the other side of the world (where they hate gypsys).