Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top Hat Meets Tie-Dye

I thought I had better introduce C.P. to you. I imagine you'll be hearing a lot about him, owing to the fact that I spend every hour of every day with him. That's what happens when you live, travel and work with someone. And when you don't have your own friends or your own room or your own transport to get away from your house - our house being our transport. Just so you know, C.P. wasn't always a gypsy. The tie-dye shirt and airbrush tattoo are just gypsy fair specials, although the frayed shorts are all him. I don't know how many real gypsies would spend $200 on a top hat from fine gentleman's outfitter Leo O' Malley's. Here, C.P. is sitting on the steps of our friend Ian's truck. You can spot his leg just creeping out of the hammock above C.P's shoulder. Yes, just below the window goblin - that's all Ian.

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