Monday, February 02, 2009

The Original Fabulous Gypsies

This is my friend River sitting outside our friend Mels' house truck. You'll probably see lots of photos of River because she always looks so damn fabulous! I'm pretty jealous of her, with a name like that she was obviously destined to be a gypsy from a very young age. Fiona just doesn't have the same gypsy ring to it, let alone the uber cool River Phoenix connotations. To give credit where it is due, River and Mels actually inspired the title of my blog, by using the term 'fabulous' to explain their attire whilst canoeing down the Wanganui River in ridiculously inappropriate floaty dresses, floral leis, and sombreros. This is while everyone else is wearing thermals and board shorts. It really did brighten the scenery. And that, my friends, is Fabulous.

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