Monday, April 20, 2009

(Wo) Man in the Mirror

I spotted this mirror directly behind the toilet in Oamaru's revered Penguin Club last night, and it was so amazing that I risked the humiliation of taking photos of myself in a toilet just to get a shot of it... but that's not even the exciting part. Today as I was exploring the local second hand shops (my beloved ritual for every town we stop in), I found the EXACT mirror for only $15! As I eagerly parted with my coins, I grilled the owner, who - rather strangely for such a small town - knew nothing about the Penguin Club replica. My excitement and bewilderment only increased further down the street when, what do I spot, but another one! So of course I got to wondering, where did they come from? How come there are three of them in this one town? Are they from some fabulous olden day establishment? Or did everyone in Oamaru buy one from a chain store forty years ago and their recent deaths are now serving up hundreds of these things? I'll probably never know. But who cares? I now own my fantasy boudoir mirror! I just need a house to put it in because we are very quickly running out of space - damn that op-shopping addiction.

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