Friday, June 19, 2009

All the Gypsy Ladies

These loverly ladies have been roaming the land since long before I even existed. Not only are they both fabulous Gypsy Fair artistes, but they both live this crazy life as fierce, independent women (Beyonce would be proud). Madame Feather - whom you may remember from previous posts - is a palm reader, and creator of goddess dresses, the tie-dyed petticoats you can see hanging in her shop here. She is also a sales extraordinaire, and once she gets a grip on you, you can be sure you won't be leaving without a petticoat or two. Jypsy Jude is an amazing artist, who treats her house bus as a canvas and spreads her paint brush love over miscellaneous objets d'art to sell at the gypsy fair. The interior of her bus is up there with some of the best house buses I've ever had the pleasure of venturing inside - it's a magical chiffon draped world where you feel jeannies might really exist. In what awesome alternate world did I get to hang out with these ladies?!


elena-lu said...

dude these photos are awesome what lovely ladies you got to meet and hang with so cool! and the doggies how cute even they have a little extra something going on!!

Fiona said...

Thanks - they are amazing ladies ay! All the dogs on the gypsy fair wear cute little outfits, most of them wear leather vests made by the fair leather maker! How is your party plans coming along? I've been wondering - where abouts in USA do you live?

Isquisofrenia said...

wow, totally awesome!!