Monday, November 05, 2012

A Foodie's San Francisco

I thought I had the world’s greatest city figured out. For me, it had to be NYC. Sure London, Paris and Rome were cool, but for big city vibe, New York City came out on top every time. Therefore I wasn’t expecting San Francisco to nudge its way into the competition. I mean, I’d heard San Fran was cool - I grew up on a steady diet of Full House - so I knew this place was a good looker, but I didn’t know just how great it was. To be honest I didn’t know if I needed to see another American city, and was happy to linger our last week out in Los Angeles.

Still, the hospitality of old school friends beckoned, and so up the coast we bussed. And that is where we discovered our new favourite “big little city”, where everybody knows your name (ok not really I just thought that sounded good). But in all seriousness, we found a city where we could imagine living one day. A city where there are views from every hill and valley, and you can discover awesome neighbourhoods at every turn.  Where there are experimentally liberating laws and an eco-conscious bent. Where there’s hippy history, crashing coastal beauty… and don’t get me started on the food. 

Ok, do. Considering our tour guides were an organic store manager and a chef / restaurant manager, food and beverage pretty much encompassed our three day stint in San Fran. We toured the city by cycle, rolling from café to restaurant to bar, tasting all the way. We experienced beautiful, quirky restaurants, where our hosts Haley and Dylan weren’t satisfied until we’d tried everything on the menu. We had organic, wholesome brunches (such as the above pictured at Toast). We indulged in gourmet French food prepared table side. We tasted cheap curries and raw seafood. Munched on the best bagels for breakfast, washed down with Irish coffees and Champagne cocktails. We scoffed desserts and gooey cookies for midnight snacks when our appetite returned. And being “Fall” there were even pumpkins to carve and Pumpkin Pie ice cream to try. It took a few days to feel hungry again after we left.

Oh San Francisco I hope to see you again one day soon. Until then I guess my next top city contest remains open. Watch out Rio, Buenos Aires and Mexico City!

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