Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Next Adventure?

Having experienced a fair few varieties of this wayward, gypsy life, I can’t help wondering about our next mode of transport. My love of the ocean and an untethered lifestyle has often led me to ponder whether seafaring should be the next port of call. Sailing seems to encompass the ultimate way of life – no rent, no fuel, no responsibility, just going with the wind… Let me pre-empt your (and my) excitement here and distil the illusion that the above photo may have crafted about this happening sooner than anticipated, though. Alas, we haven’t committed to this lifestyle yet, having only just found our feet back on familiar ground. Yes, this is my parents' boat and no, we haven’t quite mastered the art of sailing ourselves yet. But our curiosity was quickly reignited after ten lazy days away with the folks. This holiday was the perfect antidote to a long year backpacking, which no one can call a holiday. And now, we’re inspired. To buy a boat, to learn to sail, to discover the world like our pal Fritz… or maybe just Auckland’s backyard like my parents.

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