Friday, May 03, 2013

Time Tripping

Five years ago? Or could this be just today? Same bach, same Bart Simpson jersey, same slightly chilly time of year...

Once again we find ourselves in our favourite place in the world, with no jobs and few possessions, amid another adventure. Recuperating in my Grandparents adorably cosy bach in New Zealand's smallest and arguably (although by who I don't know) most beautiful National Park, the turquoise inlet filled Abel Tasman.

This is the place I dreamt about from afar - the peace, the pristine forests, the lack of people - I spent my entire trip searching for its equivalent. Instead I found chaos and a wealth of culture, fascinating and oh so far removed from my own. As invigorating as it was, for me it just served to satiate - nearly all - my travel desires and point out where my heart and suitcase really belonged.

Still though... sometimes my mind can't help but wander to those carefree, brand new days in someone else's country, and I have to remind myself not to fall into the trap of constantly wishing the grass was greener. It's an ongoing struggle of mine - romanticising future fantasies and past memories into impossible ideals, never quite being satisfied with the present, even if its exactly what I always wanted. Learning to be here now is one of those philosophies that is a lot easier in theory than in the realities of my mind.

But as I write this in front of the fire with my fellow gypsy beside me, waves crashing behind me and not another soul for miles around, the bustling streets of far off worlds fade away and I'm exactly where I want to be.

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