Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our New Favourite Mechanics

Well, the last couple of days have been filled with the less glamorous side of truck life, as our truck struggled to pass its Certificate of Fitness, to re-legalise our journey on these roads. Our missions were seriously brightened though, by two amazing mechanics who not only charged us next to nothing for a perfect job, but joined us in a few celebratory drinks afterwards. When your truck is your home you don't really have anywhere to go during this kind of work, so you get to know your hosts quite well, eating your weetbix surrounded by pin-ups, grease, and burnt out VW's. Pete and Neil are both technically retired, but do it for the love of the job. I worried a little bit about Pete (pictured) climbing under the truck at 75 years, but he seemed to handle it just fine. 


Render said...

Fi... I'm keeping to my word to read your blog and share the gypsy love as far and wide as I can. Hope you're safely back on the road! xx

Fiona said...

Thanks! Is this renee?! Render..i'm not totally sure who you are!

Stephanie said...

Great photograph - sounds like you are having so many wonderful adventures. Enjoy the South Island. xxxx