Monday, February 16, 2009

A Valentines Day Treat

I couldn't contain my excitement when I spotted these amazing ladies / dogs strolling around the Gypsy Fair. The lady pictured here is Gail and she was with her daughter Mimi, who designed the dogs outfits for her company Woof Whistles Canine Couture. The dogs names? Lady Delores Waterford Crystal and Lady Angelica Whistles de Woofe. I only clicked afterwards that Gail had themed her outfit to Valentines Day - not only did she have the heart hat on, but also heart earrings, red and white attire and her dog was wearing a red dress saying 'I Love You'.' I wish people dressed this OTT more often as it would brighten my every day. Two other points to note: Angelica is a model and knows to pose when someone pulls out a camera - hence the fabulous poses - and Delores has a backpack strapped to her pram with her name and picture embroidered on it. Doggy fabulous / slightly deranged? Definitely.

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Archibald Maximilion said...

So wonderful! You have made my day.