Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Crunchie Bunny Saga

Living in a truck creates extra issues in everyday situations - just like when you are camping, everything is that little bit harder. Easter egg shopping is no exception. Not only is there the problem of when to secretly buy the eggs since C.P. and I are always together, but there is also the small issue of where to hide them once you have managed to buy them. Living in a tiny truck where every single space has a purpose, there aren't many good hiding spots. Our Crunchie Bunny saga has been running for three years now. I fell in love with the Crunchie Bunny when I first saw it, and made copious hints to C.P. to make sure he bought me one. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one who noticed the bunny, and they sold out. I had to make do with a regular old brown bunny. So last year, I began hinting again as soon as the bunnies hit the shelf. And I was sure he would get in early to buy me one. He did - but this time he was too early. He hid it behind the drivers seat, thinking that might be the one place I wouldn't find it. Unfortunately, a week before Easter I decided to fetch the hammock from behind the drivers seat, and found a very squashed, melted Crunchie Bunny. So although I was pleased with C.P. for buying me this bunny, I was also a little saddened that I had ruined the surprise, and that due to us moving the drivers seat backwards and forwards, that very special bunny shape that I so admired, was destroyed. So, this year for our third Easter together, I had relaxed my high hopes and almost forgotten about the Crunchie Bunny. Until C.P. snuck outside the truck early this morning and returned with a very familiar looking gold bunny! It was in mint condition, not squashed in any way. It seemed I had finally got my perfect bunny! I spent the day feeling warm and fuzzy and looked forward to eating it later on. When the time came, I reverentially unwrapped my special bunny, expecting to see it's cute chocolate bunny features. But no! What had gone wrong? My bunny was all mouldy looking, dappled white in places, and some of the chocolate had gone soft! Where was your magical outside hiding place C.P?! I finally got it out of him - he had carefully purchased it weeks ago to make sure he didn't miss out. And he had planned the perfect hiding spot- in the outside locker where we keep our power cords - the locker I hardly ever look in. The not so waterproof locker that is. So we may have solved the sold out problem, we've solved the squashed and broken issue, but we still have not solved the hiding place connundrum. Next year perhaps?! Oh, by the way, this seemingly unrelated photo is of Christine, the Gypsy Fair Easter Bunny. Happy Easter!!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaaahaaa! That is hilarious! I am so sorry you didn't get the perfect bunny you so truly deserve though. I am now almost comatose on the couch from the amount of chocolate I have consumed this weekend. Lots of love to you both.