Wednesday, April 08, 2009

How to Define "Gypsy Fabulous"

This picture demonstrates my personally concocted meaning of "Gypsy Fabulous" rather well. It's all about that brilliant combination of being a rugged, self sufficient truck dweller whilst simultaneously maintaining slightly fashion obsessed city girl roots. It's the moments when these two lives clash that amuse me the most and inspire blogs such as these. Clambering down from the truck in high heels and awkwardly filling our water tanks, trying not to get my white tights wet or my lace dress snagged on the tank. Plucking my eyebrows and applying makeup on the doorstep of my truck so that I can utilise the natural light, not really noticing that we are parked on a main city street. Parking halfway up a very isolated mountain, pulling out my laptop and wireless internet card, and writing in an online "blog" about my oh so gypsy life... But the best clash of all was during last year's NZ Fashion Week - attending fashion shows one minute, walking two blocks down the road and home to my truck the next. Having to explain my high heels and ridiculous outfits to our next-door-neighbour-gypsies was a ridiculous moment I'll never forget.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! So nice to catch up on some posts and see my favourite ramblers. Lots of love, Stephanie xx

Le Survivant said...

Are you a real gipsy ?
What part of the world do you live ?