Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We've Come a Long Way, Baby

Well, the Gypsy Fair season is officially over, and I am therefore no longer technically a gypsy. We still have a journey northward in the house truck to commence, and on arrival in the big smoke we plan to attempt city living in the truck. Plus, once you have lived as a gypsy for a year and a half, that free and cheeky spirit is hard to shake. Our final weeks felt like the perfect culmination of our gypsy experience. Staying at Ivan's beautiful section, observing the village of mobile homes nestled amongst the greenery, I felt an incredible sense of belonging. We had come so far! A year ago we were on our own, meeting random folks on the way, but continuing onwards solo. We were baby gypsies, learning the code as we went along, never quite knowing where to park our heads for the night. Fast forward a year, and we had friends! Numerous buses and trucks whose inhabitants we saw every week. Gypsy gurus who taught us tricks of the trade. People we could sit around a fire with and strum a guitar with (not that I play guitar, but the notion sounds nice). Family and friends that will stay a part of our lives forever. But even perfect things must come to an end, and so we took the next step of our journey.


M said...

That truly sounds like an amazing experience! :)

....I hope whatever else comes along next is equally magic.

elena-lu said...

it all seems like wonderful times!!! and now what comes next?!