Monday, June 01, 2009

Aussie Fabulous

Not content with three nights in a hotel, we decided to celebrate further with a little trip to Australia. We were so excited to get out of the freeze that we walked around in summer clothes the whole time, undeniably marking ourselves as tourists. But I consoled myself with the fact that we weren't just any old tourists - we were Global Gypsies! Although we left our wagon at home, we kept the gypsy spirit alive with a trip to my Uncle's gorgeous beach house north of Sydney. Champagne cocktails with caviar kept us feeling Absolutely Fabulous while our amazing hosts Tim and Joweli kept us highly entertained in a Radio Gaga-esque fashion. As we dined al fresco and slept in an adorable outdoor pavilion I decided I could definitely get used to this global gypsy thing, as long as we only visited tropical havens such as this. 


elena-lu said...

global gyspies woohoo! oh yeah!

i told my hubby about y'all and he is so loving the gypsy for a while idea but yeah we cant do that just yet but i think we will someday! i have to! im just so so in love with it! and i remember being in love with gypsies as a child i saw some in real life and i was so fascinated! im sure its a hard life too but its such a free way to live!

haha i dont think i will try to have us be fabulous gypsy though im not sure i can pull it off! but its not for many years yet!

Bill Wallace said...
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