Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Little Gypsies in the Big City

Melbourne was our last stop for a blissful reunion with some best friends from Fashion School days. A whole lot of vintage shopping, some imitation Beyonce dance moves and general hilarity would ensue as we relived the good old days. In a strange twist of fate, I had accidentally copied Helen's haircut. After years of long girlish hair, I was now almost on par with Helen's brand of tomboy cool. Helen is one of the most effortlessly stylish people I know, therefore one of the highlights of knowing her is the opportunity to rob her closet and be styled by her - I'm still missing this black sequinned vest of hers!


elena-lu said...

dude that place looks awesome! so glad you took a pic!
and fun to have his tee and the window match haha
yay for melbourne :)

Fiona said...

Thanks! Now that I've just seen your birthday party blog I think you could use it as decoraton inspiration perhaps!

elena-lu said...

most definately and if you can post those other pics you mentioned that would so awesome!!!!!