Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just One Moment

You know those rare glimpses of time that are almost perfect? Well, this was one of them. It may look like a generic beach snap from say, a 1980's family album, but it was actually yesterday in Cape Cod, Massachusetts; and for me, represents a moment of perfection. 

It was late evening, happy holiday makers were heading home, and we had no place to be. Homeless and couldn't be happier. The light was right, the company was hilarious, and the beach umbrellas and swimsuits were straight out of the Eighties. 

Having travelled through Thailand and Spain recently, I've become guilty of taking beautiful beaches for granted, and even tiring of them. I have to admit that travelling full time, as idyllic as it sounds, can get boring and even stressful sometimes (I know - I'm a spoilt bitch)... but I found an ideal remedy to reignite the seaside passion. Render me city bound for a month, give me a stress laden week purchasing and registering a vehicle as a New Zealander in New York, and throw in a perfectly calm evening in picturesque Cape Cod while the sun is fading. Let's just say I had a moment.