Thursday, August 16, 2012

One More Time...

I meant to reinstate this blog when i set off overseas four months ago, but it turns out I was waiting for one thing. A mobile home. Although I've technically been a gypsy again for a while now, so far it's been the old fashioned backpack on, tourist central, public transport bound adventures. Footloose and fancy free, but not gypsy fabulous as per my loosely proclaimed definition three long years ago. 

Today however, as I sat in the rain outside a seedy, green, trailer-esque dealer's office in New York's South Bronx, while C.P. signed the papers on our new 'Sherry Designs Dodge Ram Conversion Van', I was reminded of that old familiar rush. The thrill of life rambling down the open road. The excitement of not knowing where your bed will lie each night. The weird fun of hanging around truck yards and mechanics. The wonderment of fleeing the tourist trail and delving into a nation's unpredictable back waters. Stumbling upon those spots where life shines brighter, the kitsch ratio is higher and the people are way more interesting. 

Yes, we're on the road again - this time on the fabled American road trip. Come along for the ride?


Kitty said...

Yaaay I am definitely hitching my laptop to your wagon or rather your
'Sherry Design Dodge Ram Conversion Van' and coming along for the ride!!

j-lee the tap-dancing toe said...

ummm, the best photo EVER and you managed to get a cat wang in there!

Fiona said...

I love all your comments! And you wouldn't believe it, but that is actually a real cat. I love them.