Friday, September 21, 2012

Sherry (our new) Baby

Or: How to turn a van into a home. 

Kitting out a mobile home is one of my favourite parts of the gypsy life. Creating a cosy character for a previously bland vehicle can be super satisfying and, as a bonus, the right decor can help minimise the homeless living-in-a-van vibe. 

This was my third attempt at redecorating such a vehicle, and I couldn't help but stick with the tried and true vintage look, albeit with a slight colour variation this time. To be honest I'm not usually a blue / green colour schemer but my options in the curtain department were limited by the number of strange window shapes, the lack of curtain rails and the fact that I was sewing machine-less. So when I found these fabulous florals that were reminiscent of my grandparents pool furniture, I knew I had found myself a winning look. 

With some striped and simple fabric to fill the gaps, a duvet to match and the coolest vintage suitcase around, the rest was colour coordinated history - executed via a journey through the East Coast's second hand shops. From Cape Cod to D.C, Front Royal to Asheville, I am proud to say that everything you see is second hand and valued at around $5 (Ok, except for the mattress and gas stove, but trust me I scoured second hand shops first before accepting defeat and heading to the mall!) 

Limited funds along with a love of retro finds and a touch of environmental consciousness make second hand shopping one of my favourite hobbies, and America has plenty of options to keep me happy. What better excuse to shop than needing to furnish a new home? 


j-lee the tap-dancing toe said...

Fiony! this looks fabulous! I love it! reminds me of things from my granparents crib in Kelvin heights! have you thought about a career in house truck reno's? just checked out BEBE! lovee! did she stalk you? I feel like you are the only other person I know who would suit painting eyelashes on your skin!

Fiona said...

Thanks! I have had a few thoughts about a change of career... maybe then Bebe would stalk me!